Taking Rhododendron Cuttings

rhododendron image by stephane12 from Fotolia.com

Rhododendron cuttings are used to grow new rhododendron plants. If the cuttings aren't taken properly, however, no new growth will result. Taking rhododendron cuttings is a delicate procedure which must be done correctly to avoid damaging the existing plant and to promote healthy growth for the new one.

Once the technique has been mastered, it may be used to create new rhododendron plants almost anywhere.

Pick the rhododendron you want to duplicate. Choose a healthy plant which shows no signs of sickness. Check the colour of the flowers to be sure they are to your liking before taking cuttings.

Locate the north side of the plant and look at the bottom half of the rhododendron.

Find a long, slender growth with at least one leaf bud on it. Leaf buds are somewhat smaller than flower buds. The growth should be naturally growing upright.

Check the colour of the rhododendron shoot, which should be a pale green.

Bend the rhododendron shoot at a 90-degree angle to check its moisture content. The shoot should bend with ease to become a suitable cutting. If the shoot breaks, find another.

Cut the growth at the base with garden clippers.