How to Start a Business As a Phlebotomist Doing House Calls

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Drawing blood is a vital process either for testing or for transfusion. As the health care industry constantly expands, correspondingly so does the demand for skilled phlebotomists. A sure way to secure clients is to take your phlebotomy business right to their door.

The training required to become a licensed phlebotomist is relatively minimal, and running a mobile business reduces the cost of overheads, so you will be lining your pockets swiftly.

Attend a phlebotomy course at a career centre or trade school to obtain the necessary phlebotomist training and qualification. Investing some time in working in a hospital will develop your skills and add to your credibility, which in turn makes it easier to secure new clients.

Consult with a lawyer to guide you through the process of obtaining all appropriate business licenses, a state tax stamp and business insurance. Your insurance policy will have to be comprehensive since you are dealing with people's lives.

Purchase a small car that can be used to safely transport blood samples and phlebotomy equipment.

Contact local doctors and hospitals and inform them of your services. They will then be able to refer patients to you who otherwise cannot or rather do not want to leave their homes.