How to repair a frayed laptop cord

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A laptop cord transfers electricity from an outlet to the laptop to charge the battery and provide power. The cord is frequently bent, rolled and pulled during normal wear and tear, which can cause the area near the connector to break down. The fraying cord is dangerous, since the interior wires are exposed.

Instead of purchasing a replacement power cord, you can fix the cord yourself using supplies that you can purchase from a home-improvement or hardware store.

Unplug the laptop cord from the computer and from the power source. Inspect the cord to make sure that it is just frayed and not completely cut through. If the laptop wire is cut, you should purchase a replacement or take the cord to a professional computer-repair service.

Tape a flat surface with painter's tape. Create a square slightly larger than the power cord so that you protect the surface. The slick tape protects your surface and also keeps the silicone sealer from adhering to the tape.

Place the laptop cord onto the painter's tape, keeping the frayed section in the centre of the square of tape.

Squeeze a bead of silicone sealant from the tube and apply it to the frayed area of the laptop cord. Smooth it down using your finger or a cotton swab. If you do not want to touch the silicone with your skin, wear gloves. Add an additional layer of silicone if necessary to build up the area so that it is even with the rest of the laptop cord.

Allow the silicone to dry according to the manufacturer's directions.