How to Edit Title Blocks in Vectorworks

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Title blocks are essential in helping a reader understand a drawing in Vectorworks. They give information such as the name of the project, the person who created it, the date it was created and the version being viewed. It is crucial to update your title block whenever a new version of your drawing is created. However, the format of your title block should remain the same. A consistent style will give your drawings a more professional look and help the reader quickly identify the position of the title block on other drawings.

Open your Vectorworks file, and click on "Windows" on the menu bar.

Click on "Palettes" and then "Object Info." A box that says "Obj Info" will appear on your screen.

Click on the "Shape" tab at the top of the "Object Info" box.

Key in the text that you want to appear within the title block by selecting the button within the "Obj Info" box that says "Edit Title Block."

Click on the "Title Block" tab, then "Defaults," then the downward arrow to view and select a new symbol.

Adjust the size of the title block by clicking on "Title Blk Scale Factor" within the "Obj Info" box and typing in a factor higher or lower than the default 1. For instance, 0.5 would reduce the size of the block by 50 per cent, while 1.5 would increase it by 50 per cent.

Click on the drop-down menu beside "Title Block Position" on the "Obj Info" box, and select where you would like to position the title block within your drawing. The title box will automatically reposition itself.

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