How to spoof your phone number

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Since the dawn of caller ID, individuals have wanted to "spoof" their call ID---a process that makes the ID look different to the person receiving the call. While the "_67" trick---entering "_67" before dialling a number so your ID will not display to the person you are calling---is well known, many people will not answer calls when the caller ID displays "Caller Blocked" or "Restricted ID." However, it is possible to completely spoof your ID and trick someone into thinking you are someone else.

Sign up for a free membership at

Purchase SpoofCard minutes either from SpoofCard's website or from a retail store that sells SpoofCard minutes.

Dial SpoofCard's toll-free number and enter your PIN. You will then enter the phone number you would like to dial, followed by the phone number you want to appear on the recipient's caller ID. Each time you would like to spoof your phone number, repeat Step 3.

Sign up for a free SpoofTel membership.

Log into your account and select "Purchase" from the left-hand side of the main menu to purchase minutes. You may pay via credit card, bank account or PayPal account. In addition, you may purchase minutes via check or money order.

Make a call via SpoofTel's 888 toll-free number or over the Internet. To spoof your call using the Internet, select "Make Call" in your account and fill out the information in the "Source number information." Select "Review Call" to view the information about your pending call before you make the actual call. Select "Make a Call" to begin the process. SpoofTel will call the telephone number of the contact you want to fool. Your telephone will ring; when it does, answer the call. SpoofTel will then bridge their service with your call, displaying the caller ID of your choice.

Sign up for a free SpoofCard account and purchase new minutes via their online store or local retailer.

Open your Safari browser in your iPhone and visit Press the "+" button in Safari. Select "Add to Home Screen," and select "Add," in the top corner of the screen.

Open the iPhone app from the home screen and use your SpoofCard account to spoof your telephone number via the app.

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