How to Remove the Cover for Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent light fixtures feature a light-diffusing cover. Covers fit into the fixture through clips and tabs. The shape of the fixture may also hold the cover in place. When a fluorescent light tube goes out, you may need to remove the cover to access the tube.

Doing so doesn't require any special tools or expertise. Never remove the glass casing of the fluorescent tube itself -- inside is toxic mercury.

Set up a stool, chair or step ladder below the fluorescent light fixture in the ceiling and climb up on it to reach the light.

Press inward on the clips or tabs holding the cover in place to release them from the fixture. Pull down on the cover. Wiggle the cover back and forth if it is stuck; one end may come off easier than another.

Wrap your fingers under the edge of the light cover if there are no clips or tabs. Pull outward and down. A lip on the inside of the cover may hold it in place. Set the cover gently on the ground or a work table so that it does not get scratched.