Troubleshooting the Connections of a Panasonic DVD Recorder

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Panasonic DVD recorders connect between a cable/satellite receiver and a television, allowing you to record programming onto a DVD. Once the programming is recorded on the DVD, you have the ability to view the DVD on almost any stand-alone DVD player and computer.

However, if there is a connection issue with the Panasonic DVD recorder, you must troubleshoot the issue and try to resolve it.

Look over the cable connections running between the Panasonic DVD recorder and the other two devices. Make sure the cables are inserted completely into all ports; otherwise, none of the equipment will receive the correct signals.

Look at the actual cable connections and make sure you have the right hookups. The cables running out of the cable/satellite receiver must come out of the "Out" ports and connect directly into the "In" ports on the DVD recorder. The cables running to the television must come from the "Out" ports on the Panasonic DVD recorder and insert into the "In" ports on the TV.

Disconnect the cable connections and inspect both the cables and the connection ports. If the connections are dirty, you must clean the products with a damp rag. If you don't, the audio/video signal will be unable to transfer between equipment.

Switch to different cable connections. There may just be something wrong with the connection method you are using (such as the ports are damaged or short out), so changing to different cable connections may correct this problem.