How to fix run.dll errors for free

Run.dll errors arise on your computer system when a DLL file is missing or corrupt. Repairing a run.dll error requires troubleshooting a software application, missing and damaged files, and a corrupt registry. A number of applications may not work if run.

dll errors appear, because many programs can run off a single DLL simultaneously. The sooner you fix the DLL errors, the quicker you can get back to a workable system.

Identify the damaged "rundll" process. For example, if the error message reads: "Error Loading C: Win/System32/ d3drm.dll," then d3drm.dll is the corrupt DLL.

Navigate to the DLL Dump website. Search and download the DLL file that is causing error messages to the desktop.

Press the Windows key, and type "C:Windows/System32" in the "Start Search" or "Run" field. Press "Enter."

Drag the DLL file from the desktop to the System 32 folder. Choose "Yes" to replace the damaged file.

Press the Windows key, and type "regsvr32 *the name of theDLL" in the "Start Search" or "Run" field. Press "Enter" to register the file.