How to build a 12-foot wooden driveway gate


A fence is a barrier around your property that provides security and control. Building a barrier closes out unwanted guests and predators. Unfortunately, it also prevents you from entering and exiting your own land. A small gate in the fence will let you come and go on foot. It will take a much larger entrance for you to be able to access your property with your vehicle. A 12-foot wooden gate can be built quickly with only a few pieces of lumber and will provide enough room to enter and exit the property without damaging your vehicle.

Lay the 12-foot boards side by side. Arrange the boards so that the outer edges of the outside boards are 48 inches apart and the third board is centred between the other two.

Place a 3-foot board on top of the three 12-foot boards. Move the small boards so that the ends are flush with the outer edges of the outside long boards. Make the side edge of the 3-foot board flush with the ends of the three longer boards. Use your hammer to nail the 3-foot board to each 12-foot board with three of the 8d nails at each juncture.

Place another 3-foot board on top of the opposite end of the 12-foot boards. Be sure that the small board is flush with the longer boards. Secure the short board to the longer boards with three nails driven into the wood at each juncture.

Place the remaining 3-foot board in the centre of the 12-foot boards. Be sure the ends of the 3-foot board are flush with the outer edges of the outer 12-foot boards. Secure the 3-foot boards with three 8d nails at each juncture.

Flip the gate. Drive two of the 8d nails through every juncture. Secure the gate latch to the appropriate 3-foot board just above the centre 12-foot board. Secure the hinge between each 12-foot board on the opposite end. Attach the hardware to the gate by driving a lag bolt through each retaining hole with your ratchet and socket. Be sure to place a washer between each bolt head and the hardware it is holding.

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