Instructions for mixing glyphosate 41

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Gardeners, farmers and landscapers trust weedkillers to protect their crops and flowers. Glyphosate is common worldwide in both professional weed control and for home use. Glyphosate 41 is a strong chemical herbicide that contains a 41 per cent dilution of the herbicide. This chemical is typically mixed with water for easier distribution and spraying. However, you must mix the weedkiller carefully to avoid negative effects on the plants you want to keep.

Fill your sprayer or mixer with the desired amount of water. If you are using a spray tank, fill the tank halfway with water and begin agitating with the mechanisation tools. The amount of water and glyphosate you use will depend on the size of the area you intend to spray, as well as the size of your mixing container or sprayer.

Mix in 78 ml (2 2/3 fl oz) of glyphosate for every 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water in the mixture. When you add the herbicide, you may notice the solution foam slightly. This is a normal response.

Agitate the mixture lightly, unless the spray tank is automatically agitating it for you. Shake or stir the solution to provide proper agitation. Agitation will ensure that the glyphosate and water are thoroughly mixed, providing you with an even and effective herbicidal solution.

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