How to Reset a Four Digit Combination Bike Lock

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A bicycle lock is used to lock a bike to a bar or pole to prevent theft. Different companies manufacture different kinds of bike locks, including resettable combination cables or locks. These types of locks allow you change the preset code to a combination that is easy for you to remember.

As long as you have the current combination and the lock is resettable, you can change the combination.

Move the lock dials to the current combination or the factory preset combination. A new lock will come with the preset combination on a small piece of paper. Align all four dials along the red or black placement line, which is between each dial towards the centre of the lock.

Pull the cable or shackle out of the lock housing.

Slide the reset lever upward until it doesn't move any farther. The reset lever is located at the end of the lock, past the number dials. It's a small piece of metal that moves above or below the hole that the shackle is housed in.

Turn the dials one at a time to the new combination. All four numbers should all be aligned with the red or black guide line.

Lower the reset lever until it doesn't go any farther. The combination has been reset.

Insert the cable or shackle into the lock housing. Since the current combination is still on the guide line, the lock will stay unlocked.

Change the combination numbers so they do not match the new combination. Press the cable or shackle inward and the lock will lock.