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How to Attach a Poster to Canvas

Because they're mass-produced, posters tend to be fragile and easily torn. Some posters are true works of art and deserve to be displayed as such. One mounting method, attaching a poster to canvas, will display your poster in an aesthetic way and preserve it for years. You will also end up with an expensive-looking work of art for a fraction of the cost. All you need is the right size of canvas for your poster and a few supplies available at most craft stores.

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  1. Place your poster over the canvas. If your poster is larger or smaller than your canvas, decide how it should be centred before proceeding. Even with matching sizes the poster may need small trims to fit the canvas.

  2. Brush a thin layer of acrylic gel medium onto the back of your poster. Acrylic gel medium is a clear gel used by artists to extend acrylic paint, achieve image transfers and create collages. It's safe to use indoors. In this case, use it as a découpage glue.

  3. Brush a layer of gel medium onto your canvas. Obtain even, full coverage. As you brush, overlap the edges of your canvas to ensure that the poster edges will be glued securely.

  4. Place the top edge of your poster along the top edge of your canvas. Press down gently. Continue applying pressure between poster and canvas, working your way from top to bottom.

  5. Use a rolling pin to press out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Work from the centre of the poster outward.

  6. Let the poster dry completely before trimming any excess paper with a craft knife.

  7. Tip

    Use acrylic spray varnish on the front and back of your poster before applying the gel medium if you think the ink may bleed through.


    Don't use too much of your medium or your poster will become saturated and may tear.

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Things You'll Need

  • Poster
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic gel medium
  • Foam brush
  • Rolling pin
  • Craft knife
  • Spray acrylic sealant

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