How to make your period last for 3 days

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A woman's menstrual cycle is a regular part of her life. Depending on what is normal for her, her period could last anywhere from three days to seven days. Some women have consistently longer or consistently shorter periods.

While this is normally OK to accommodate, there are times when you will want to shorten your period for various reasons, whether you are going on vacation or planning a romantic weekend getaway.

Take a birth control pill daily according to the schedule outlined by your medical professional. Depending on the type of birth control, it may eliminate your period altogether, make it come less frequently or reduce the duration to a three-day period. Make sure you understand what to expect before you take a particular type of birth control.

Make an appointment with a medical professional who knows how to perform menstrual extraction. This technique uses a special tool called a canula to gently suction the majority of the menstrual fluid out of your uterus when your period just begins. This can shorten your period to three days or less. Menstrual extraction is gentle, safe and effective, but few professionals are familiar with the process.

Take alternative remedies and herbs that affect your menstrual cycle. Herbs such as chasteberry, yarrow and ginger can reduce the duration of your period to three days.

Engage in physical exercise on a regular basis. The hormones activated in people who are highly active sometimes interfere with menstrual cycles. A moderate exercise regime can regulate your period and shorten it to a three-day cycle.

Have frequent sexual relations when your period is first starting. The pulsing action of orgasm can help expel menstrual blood quicker and reduce the length of your period.

Drink plenty of water. Blood that is well hydrated is thinner and will pass from your uterus quicker during your period, shortening some menstrual flows to 3 days.

Use internal menstrual products like tampons and reusable menstrual cups. Tampons have a drawing effect and can wick the menstrual blood out quicker than it you left your cycle length to gravity.