My SDHC Card Won't Read

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SD cards weren't always designed for high capacity storage. SD cards can hold up to 2GB of data, but the newer SDHC cards have been developed to hold up to 32GB. Not all card readers, devices and computers can read the high capacity format, however. If you are getting a read error, it could be that your reader is not SDHC compliant. If this is the case, your device should read 2GB or smaller cards, but respond with an error for larger capacity cards.

Verify that your reader has a SDHC logo. If this logo does not appear on your reader or device, it may not be compliant with high capacity cards (over 2GB).

Transfer files from your electronic device. If you attach your device to a computer using a USB cable or Bluetooth, you can transfer your files that way. Access the card's storage through Windows Explorer and drag and drop the files you need.

Check the Downloads or Support page for your computer or other device. You should check with your device manufacturer to see if there is a firmware update available. Follow the specific instructions supplied with the update to apply your device.

Use an SDHC reader. If you want to transfer your files to a computer, you can purchase an inexpensive SDHC card reader that can be connected via USB.

Check for an operating system update. If you are running Windows XP with Service Pack 3, there is an update available from Microsoft to allow you to access SDHC cards of 4GB and larger size (see Resources).

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