How to Completely Wire a Chandelier

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Many common electrical tasks such as installing light fixtures, switches and receptacles are easy, do-it-yourself jobs when armed with the proper tools and instructions. Hanging and wiring a chandelier is a rather easy task depending on the size of the chandelier.

If it's light enough for you to hold up with one hand, it shouldn't be a problem installing it yourself. If not, you may want to get someone to help you. The most important thing to remember when working with electricity is safety. Always be sure to turn off the power before working.

Turn off the electricity to the area where you will be working. If this is a home job, it's better to play it safe and turn off the power to the entire house. Also, when hanging any ceiling fixture, it's always safer to use a ladder or something else made for reaching high places as opposed to using a chair or table to stand on.

Mount the chandelier's mounting bracket to the electrical junction box in the ceiling using the long mounting screws that should have been provided with your chandelier.

Hang your chandelier from the mounting mechanism if your chandelier is equipped with a hanging system that allows it to hang while you wire it. If not, you may need someone to hold it while you wire it.

Connect your black (hot) wire from the ceiling to the hot wire from the chandelier. Sometimes chandeliers have two wires of the same colour (for cosmetic reasons). One of them should have small writing on it or a stripe. Look closely at the chandelier's wires to determine which one has writing or a stripe and connect that wire to the black wire in your ceiling by twisting the two wires together in a clockwise direction and securing them with a wire nut.

Connect the white (neutral) wire from your ceiling to the remaining (insulated) wire from the chandelier in the same manner that you connected the two hot wires.

Connect the bare ground wire from your ceiling to the bare (or green) ground wire from the chandelier. If there is no ground wire coming from the chandelier, then you probably have a ground screw on the mounting bracket. Bend a hook onto the end of the ground wire coming from your ceiling using needle nose pliers and hook it around the ground screw in a clockwise direction and tighten the ground screw to secure it.

Finish hanging the chandelier according to the manufacturer's instructions, turn on the power and test your chandelier.