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How do I Add Postage to an eBay Invoice After the Auction Ends?

Updated July 20, 2017

eBay allows you thirty days to send an invoice to the buyer of your item after the auction has ended. Prior to the buyer making payment, you may also send a revised invoice with any updated charges. The postage for sending your item to the buyer is listed under the "Shipping and Handling" fees section of the invoice. If you did not add the shipping charges to your first invoice, you may send a revised invoice with the shipping charges added.

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  1. Click "Sold" on the My eBay page.

  2. Select "Send Invoice" under the "Action" menu for the item you are invoicing.

  3. Input shipping and handling details.

  4. Click "Send."

  5. Tip

    If you don't see "Send Invoice," you may be using Selling Manager Pro. Use the "Winning Buyer Notification" template to invoice postage costs.


    There is a time frame in which billing for postage must occur. After the buyer pays or thirty days from the end of the auction, you can no longer send an invoice.

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