How to Model in Dublin for Kids

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Many parents think their children have what it takes to be a model, but getting your child there is up to you. While you can go to open casting sessions, one of the most assured ways to break into the modelling business is with an agency, most of which are located in large cities, such as Dublin.

Getting into the modelling business can be difficult and hard work, but if it is what you and your child want, some dedication can give your child the start to a rewarding career.

One of the first things that you must determine is if you are ready for the responsibility of getting your child to photo shoots on time and prepared. You must realise that managing your child's career could become a separate career for you. If you do not have the available time and energy, this may not be the best choice for your family.

There is also a chance your family must be willing to relocate or travel because nearly all modelling agencies and jobs are located in and around Dublin. There are very few job possibilities in other areas of Ireland.

The next step is to find an agency. Many major agencies have a division that represents children. There are also some agencies specifically for children. Most agencies advise sending three photos in, a close-up of your child's face, a full body shot, and photo of your child in a pose, without any toys, costumes or props. The photos you send in do not have to be professionally done.

There are several agencies in Dublin, including Compton Modeling Agency, Young Artists Management, The Entertainment Factory and GMI-3D Projects Limited.

After receiving photos, the modelling agency will go through them and decide who they want to call back. If the parents cancel or miss the face-to-face interview, the agency will often not reschedule, so it is important to make sure you are able to make it to the scheduled meeting.

Once signed by an agency, the agency will often send your child out to non-paying appointments. These are called go-sees and function as an audition. Go-sees are often by appointment and usually take about a half hour. Agencies will also send your child on casting calls, which can take several hours and are often open to any child who decides to go.

Most of the go-sees and casting calls your child will go on will be in Dublin. It is very important that you have your child to their appointment on time, and are willing and able to travel to Dublin.

Once your child gets a paying gig, it is your job to make sure they get there on time. Payout can be anywhere from £28 an hour to £752 for the day. A cover shoot generally pays less because magazines consider it an honour to be featured on the cover. Agencies typically retain 20 per cent.

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