How to Hang Wardrobe Doors

Door hinge image by Jim Mills from <a href=''></a>

A wardrobe, or armoire, is a popular piece of bedroom furniture that functions much the same way as a closet. Though wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, the common feature is its large double doors. These doors are often highly decorative, featuring paintings, carvings and/or scrollwork.

The decorative hinges that hold these doors commonly break due to mishaps and overuse.

Place your wardrobe door in the wardrobe. It should look exactly as it will appear when closed minus the presence of the hinge.

Place the hinge over the gap between the frame of the wardrobe and the door. The thin vertical side of hinge should rest on the base with the wider side of the hinge extending onto the wardrobe door. The pivoting middle portion of the hinge should be suspended directly above the gap between the door and the frame of the wardrobe.

Fasten the hinge in place. Using the drill with a screwdriver bit, drill the wood screws into each of the prefabricated holes in the hinge.

Repeat this process with the other door of the wardrobe. Your doors should fall flush with the wardrobe and swing open easily.