How to Correct the Noise From Power Steering in a 2003 Audi TT

The TT is a small but extremely stylish coupe from German automaker Audi. In general, the TT is a reliable, well-engineered vehicle. But like any car, the TT needs the proper, regular maintenance to keep it running reliably. The fluids should be checked regularly and topped off if needed.

If the steering makes noise when you turn the wheel, the reservoir for the power steering fluid is likely low. Filling it is easy and essential to making sure the pump does not incur damage.

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Start the engine and keep it running while you check and top off the power steering fluid. If the wheels are pointed away from centre, turn the steering wheel so that they are pointed straight ahead.

Open the bonnet and locate the coolant reservoir, which is located at the front of the engine. Remove the screw that holds on the trim panel around the reservoir. Turn and lift the trim panel to remove it.

Locate the green cap with a small slotted extension on top of it. Insert a small screwdriver or similar object into the slot. Remove the lid by turning the tool and the lid counterclockwise.

Clean the dipstick on the bottom of the lid. Screw the lid back into the reservoir so that the dipstick goes into the power steering fluid. Tighten the lid until the arrow on the lid points at the first mark on the reservoir.

Pull the lid back out and see where it reads. If the line from the fluid is below the full mark, add Audi-approved hydraulic fluid (G 002 00) until the dipstick reads to the full mark.

Reinstall and tighten the lid until the arrow on the cap points at the second mark on the reservoir. Turn the steering wheel to make sure the noise has gone away. Reinstall the plastic trim panel around the coolant reservoir and tighten the screw.