How to Repair Chipped Glass with Epoxy

Epoxy, an adhesive made with synthetic thermosetting polymers, is a natural choice for repairing chipped glass. It's durable, dries quickly and is completely waterproof. A two-part epoxy resin is best for this fix, and will leave only an invisible line after the repair is complete.

Soak the glass. Scrub with strong cleaning detergent to remove all residue before the epoxy is applied. Use protective gloves to prevent cuts while working with the chipped area. Dry the glass completely.

Mix the epoxy according to the packaging instructions.

Spread the glue onto the affected area using a spreading tool such as a knife. Precision reduces excess glue and helps create the invisible look.

Place each shard of chipped-out glass onto the main piece. Position accurately before bonding.

Fasten the glue by applying a gentle but firm amount of pressure to the area for approximately 60 seconds. Let the glass dry for one day.

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