How to Put a Border Around Text in a 2007 Word Document

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In Word 2007, you can apply borders to a single word, a sentence, a paragraph or a page. If you're looking for ways to draw readers to an area of your page, using a border might help. You can use a text box to create a border around your text without retyping.

Word's shapes give you a variety of border designs to use as well. Once you've added the border, simply customise its line, colour and background to match your theme.

Select the text or paragraph around which you want to put a border.

Select the "Page Layout" tab. Then choose "Page Borders" from the "Page Background" group and go to the "Borders" tab.

Choose "Box," "Shadow," or "3-D" for the "Setting." Then pick the style, colour and width you want to use. To apply the border to text, change "Apply to" to "Text." To apply it to a paragraph, choose "Paragraph."

Select the "Shading" tab. To add a background colour, select a colour from "Fill." To add a pattern, choose a design from the "Patterns" section. Then click "OK."

Select the text to which the border will be applied.

Click on "Insert" and "Text Box."

Choose "Draw Text Box" to apply a border to the selected text.

Select "Insert" and "Shapes." Then pick the type of border you wish to use from "Basic Shapes," "Block Arrows," "Flowchart," "Callouts" or "Stars and Banners."

Draw the shape on your page. Then right-click and select "Add Text."

Highlight the text you want to move inside the shape. Then click the "Cut" button from the "Home" tab.

Place your cursor within the shape. Select "Paste" from the "Home" tab to move your text into the shape.

Select the shape or text box you want to format.

Select "Format" and "Text Wrapping," and pick "Square" for the wrapping.

Go to the "Text Box Styles" group in the "Format" tab. Select the shape fill colour and shape outline you want to use.

Go to the "Shadow Effects" group in the "Format" tab. Expand "Shadow Effects" and choose an effect you want to apply to the border.