How to Change Epson Ink Cartridges

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Epson is one of the largest producers of printers and they produce everything from basic black and white printers to large all-in-one units for corporate use. Purchase genuine Epson ink. Failure to use Epson ink may cause damage to the printer, which is not covered under Epson's warranty, according to Espon's support website. The basic steps to change the ink in an Epson printer hold true for all the company's printer.

Purchase the correct ink for your model by going to Epson's website and entering your model number. Even if it's a discontinued model, they will have information including the online printer manual and links to the specific ink you should buy.

Turn on your printer in a well-lit space and check the LCD screen or blinking lights for an indication of which colour(s) of ink need to be replaced. Only take out old ink when you're ready to put in the new ink, or the old ink can dry and clog the ink tray.

Open your printer to expose the ink tray. If you have a plain printer, this will include opening the top panel of the printer, either via a handle on the front or two handles on the sides. If you have an all-in-one with a copier tray, it will have a handle in the front under the copier tray and the entire tray will lift up (make sure the tray lid is closed first). Some models will also have a small lid on top of the ink tray. This will be black or grey and will have a small latch on the front that you can pop open and up with your thumb.

Remove the used ink cartridges. If they are the narrow 3/4-inch model, pinch the front and back and pull straight up. If they are the wider 2-inch model, pinch either side and pull slightly towards yourself and then up. Put them in plastic bags for disposal.

Put in the new cartridges. First, shake them a few times, and remove all packaging, including the small plastic tab on the bottom of the cartridge. Line up the colours to the appropriate slot, which are well marked by a circle or square of the appropriate colour. Push them down until you hear the cartridge click in place. Close the ink tray lid if applicable, then the printer lid. The printer will now take 30 seconds to several minutes to centre the ink tray and process the new ink. Do not turn off the printer or try to use it until it stops whirring.

Print a test page to test the new ink.

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