How to Connect a Laptop VGA Video Port to an LCD TV

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Connecting a laptop computer to a liquid crystal display (LCD) television (TV) set using a video graphics array (VGA) video port is a simple process that doesn't require your TV or laptop to have any special additions. Some LCD TVs come with VGA input ports but some don't. Whether or not your TV does or doesn't have a VGA port, it is still possible to connect your laptop using a VGA cable.

Connect a VGA cable to the VGA output port on your laptop computer. Not all laptops have a VGA input port, but all of them have a VGA output port.

Connect the VGA cable to a VGA to High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) or VGA to Audio/Video (A/V or RCA) adaptor. If your LCD TV has a VGA input port, then skip this step. If your LCD TV has an HDMI input port and an RCA input port, then use the HDMI as this will carry better sound and better video than the RCA cables. All LCD TVs will have RCA input ports. Adaptors and cables can be purchased at any electronics store.

Connect an HDMI cable to the VGA to HDMI adaptor. If your TV doesn't have an HDMI input port, or if your TV has a VGA input port, then skip this step.

Connect the VGA cable, HDMI cable, or RCA cables into the VGA input port, HDMI input port, or RCA input port. Note that the VGA to RCA adaptor will have the RCA cables already connected to it and therefore no additional cables are needed.

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