How to Paint Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds install easily and are a dream to keep clean. They look warmer and more homey than metal blinds. The problem is when you decide to change the colour scheme or paint the walls of the room a new colour.

You can spend a small fortune on new blinds, or with just a few inexpensive items, a little time and patience you can reface your old blinds to blend in with your new colours.

Lay a tarp or painter's cloth under the area you have chosen to work.

Remove the fabric panels from the window with a screwdriver. Lay the fabric panels on a table or a flat work area. If the blinds are stationary, lay the covering underneath the blinds and use a waterproof disposable sheet to cover the windows.

Clean blinds to be painted thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner and rags. Clean any metal parts now as well.

Start painting the blinds by spraying the paint in even coats using an up or down motion and continuing in the same direction all throughout the whole blind surface. You will need 2 or 3 coats because fabric absorbs the paint very quickly and it will dry lighter than the colour you paint.

Leave the paint to dry completely overnight.