How to Make a Promotional Flyer

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Marketing is important for promoting any business or event because it gets the word out to your potential customers. Advertising can be costly; however, promotional flyers are an inexpensive way to advertise your business.

You can design and print flyers yourself and cut the costs that would be involved if you took your flyer to a print shop. All you really need is access to a computer with word processing software, a printer and a little creativity to make promotional flyers.

Determine what you want to say in your flyer. The idea is to get your message across in as few words as possible. Use buzz words that will get your audience's attention.

Draw your reader's attention to your words by creating white space around your text. Using dark fonts and centring your text in the middle of your promotional flyer will encourage your reader to focus his eyes directly on your message.

Focus on the benefits that your product or service will offer your audience. Use bullet points to make your message easy to grasp as this technique makes it easier for your reader to read instead of wading through text.

Design your flyer to be simple. Less is more in terms of graphics. Keeping your flyer clean and to the point will be enough. If you insist on using graphics, make them small and related to the message or product that you are promoting.

Type your text using dark or shadow fonts to cut down on cost. Colour is nice but it isn't necessary. Later, when your event or business is popular and you are making more money, you can splurge for colour.

Include your contact information on each and every flyer. This can be centred and added to the bottom of your flyer. Make sure to include a contact phone number, e-mail address and website. Many times people prefer to look through a company's website before calling. You can get a free site up in less than an hour to inform your viewers of your offer. You can always get your site redone professionally later.

Print and make copies of your finished flyer. Once you have proofed your work and got it exactly the way you want it, it is time to print it. Take a copy to the print shop and make black-and-white copies. Use colour paper to make your flyers stand out from the white paper flyers. Save the original to use when you need to print more copies.