Instructions on how to make a mini greenhouse

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If you live in an apartment or can't afford the luxury of building a greenhouse on your property, don't despair. There are some affordable solutions you can use to build mini greenhouses indoors. Each method uses common household items and recycled materials and they are all quite easy to construct. Don't waste money on expensive mini greenhouse kits when you can use some recycled plastic bottles or a bit of cling film and enjoy the same results.

Plant your seeds in planting pots according to the instructions on the seed packets.

Wrap a layer of cling film over the tops of the planting pots and secure with rubber bands after watering the plants.

Place the planting pots on a tray and place the tray in a sunny spot in your home. The cling film will trap heat and moisture, acting like a miniature green house.

Remove the cap and label from a clear plastic 2-litre bottle. Clean out the bottle using warm water and a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly.

Cut off the bottom two inches of the bottle.

Place the bottle over your planter pot. The clear plastic, like the cling film, traps moisture and heat to create a greenhouse climate.

Cut a gallon bottle made from clear plastic, preferably not the kind with handles moulded into the bottle, into two pieces, with the bottom portion being three inches deep. This will be your seed tray.

Pierce the bottom of the seed tray several times to make drain holes.

Line the bottom of your makeshift seed tray with two sheets of newspaper. Fill the seed tray with compost and potting soil and plant your seeds. Place the seed tray on a plastic tray to catch excess water and water your plants.

Cut one inch vertical slits at each bottom corner of the top part of the bottle. This will allow the top part of the bottle to slide over the seed tray. Slide it down until it is secure.

Set the mini greenhouse in a sunny spot and the plastic will trap heat and moisture to help your seeds germinate quickly.

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