How to Remove Rhino Glue

Rhino Glue is a powerful adhesive intended for applications that require especially strong bonds. The glue is fast-drying and effective on plastics, wood, glass and even metals. Rhino Glue's properties make it notoriously difficult to remove using techniques that would normally work on other adhesives. Fortunately, there is a uniquely formulated debonder available from Rhino Glue that makes the removal process rather simple. The solvent takes effect quickly, and safely removes the glue from most surfaces.

Saturate freshly spilt Rhino Glue with water as quickly as possible to delay it from curing. Blot the affected area with a sponge or cloth to absorb the stain.

Soak your skin in warm, soapy water if Rhino Glue has just made contact with any part of it. The adhesive will eventually come loose over several hours, but is not hazardous even when cured.

Apply a few drops of Rhino Glue Un-Do onto your fingers if they have been stuck together. Roll apart your fingers and immediately wash them with soap and water.

Use the same product to remove Rhino Glue from any surface. Allow it to penetrate the adhesive and the glue will soften within one minute.

Rub off the adhesive once it has softened, using your fingers or a dry rag.

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