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How to Recycle Glossy Paper

Updated October 19, 2018

According to Conserve a Tree, glossy paper is paper that is coated with a clay. There are different degrees of gloss. The clay coating makes the glossy paper weigh more than your average sheet of paper. Some examples of glossy paper include magazines and brochures. Fortunately, glossy paper is not made from wax so it can be recycled. If you run your fingers over any paper and see wax come up, it is not glossy paper, but waxed paper, which cannot be recycled.

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  1. Call your county clerk to find out whether your city or township participates in a recycling pickup kerbside program. If it does, you will be able to request a recycling container for your glossy paper.

  2. Look up the closest recycling centre near you at Earth 911, if your local government doesn't offer a kerbside pickup of glossy paper.

  3. Place your glossy paper in the provided recycling bin along with any cardboard, newspaper and computer paper products that you may have. Set the recycling bin out on trash day for pickup.

  4. Take your glossy paper over to the recycling centre that is closest to you, if kerbside recycling is not available.

  5. Tip

    Glossy-coloured cardboard boxes, and cereal boxes are also recyclable. You can also recycle your glossy paper by using it in craft and scrapbooking projects.

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