How to Open a KIA Rio Trunk Without Keys

The Kia Rio was first introduced in 2001 and available in hatchback or sedan configurations. The simple subcompact design in conjunction with a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine targeted a consumer base looking for an affordable fuel-efficient vehicle. The Kia Rio has many safety features that come standard such as front and side airbags, child safety door locks and ignition disabling. Despite being a subcompact vehicle, the interior headroom stands at 40 inches while legroom extends to 42.8-inches for the 2010 model year.

Open the front driver’s side door and locate the boot release lever. The boot release lever for your Kia Rio is located between the driver’s seat and the kick panel on the floor.

Pull up on the boot release lever to pop open the boot. If your boot release latch in the interior compartment of the vehicle is inoperable, proceed to the next step.

Travel to the rear seat location of the vehicle. Locate the release lever used to fold the rear seats down. The lever is located on the top portion of the seat, towards the middle. Pull up on the lever while pulling the seat back down.

Move the seat belts off to the side so they will not get in the way when folding the seats down fully. Look inside the boot area for the emergency boot release lever. The emergency release lever is positioned near the bottom of the boot lid area, on the locking mechanism.

Remove any items from the boot that may be obstructing the emergency release lever. if applicable. Crawl inside the boot area and pull the emergency lever to pop open the boot.

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