How to operate an mk wet tile saw and cutter

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An MK wet saw is used for cutting ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble and slate. They are available for rent at home remodel and tile stores. They are called wet saws because a source of water is pumped over the blade to keep it and the tile from overheating. They are used instead of traditional tile cutters for a variety of reason. They can cut tiles that are larger than a tile cutter can handle. They can make cuts on a diagonal that won’t fit in a traditional cutter. Most important, they can make cuts much smaller than you can get out of a tile cutter.

Set up the base of the saw at a convenient height and in a location where the water thrown off won’t create a problem.

Place the water pan on the base. Fill a bucket with water and put the pump in the bucket. Make sure the rubber hose is attached firmly to the pump and the saw housing. Turn the saw on and make sure water is spraying on the blade. Turn the saw off.

Place the sliding tray on the rails over the pan. This is a tray with measurements on it where you place the tile and slide it into the spinning blade. Check the height of the blade. The slot in the tray should slide under the blade without binding, but the saw should extend below the surface of the tray.

Measure and mark the tile and place it on the tray so that the size of the cut lines up with the blade. Slide it into the blade and make sure that the cut will be exactly where you want it. Pull the tray back and turn on the saw. Slide it slowly forward into the blade. Allow the blade to draw the tile into while applying slight pressure. Allow the blade to cut all the way through the edge of the tile before turning off the blade.

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