How to Remove Double-Sided Tape from Glass

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Double-sided tape can be very handy to have around the house since it provides a quick way to hang things and secure them without the need to punch holes on your walls. However, one problem with double-sided tape is that it is difficult to remove. Even once the tape itself is pulled off, there is frequently a residue left over. Removing double-sided tape from glass is a little easier since you don't have to worry about paint damage and it can be done quickly.

Pull as much of the tape off of the glass as you can with your fingers. Double-sided tape frequently breaks off in pieces instead of peeling in a smooth strip.

Use a scraper or a razor blade carefully to scrape off any remaining tape you can't pull off. Use care not to scratch the glass.

Apply a small amount of WD-40 or lighter fluid onto the remaining tape residue and scrub at it with a rag to remove the remaining stickiness.

Rinse the glass with water and then clean it with glass cleaner or vinegar to remove the WD-40 or lighter fluid.

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