How to Remove Sticky Elastoplast

band-aid image by Rick Sargeant from

Elastoplast is a company that manufactures plasters (bandages). There are different types of plasters made such as fabric, plastic, waterproof and kids. A plaster is made using a sticky substance so the plaster sticks to the skin and covers the wound. Once the plaster is removed, sticky residue is left behind on the skin. The residue can easily be removed from the skin with just a bit of baby oil.

Remove the plaster from the skin by pulling it off. Throw the plaster in the garbage can.

Dip a cotton ball in baby oil.

Rub the cotton ball on any residue. Allow the oil to sit on the residue for five minutes.

Wipe the baby oil and plaster residue from the skin using a damp washcloth. Repeat as many times as necessary to remove all sticky residue.

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