How to glue leather to plastic

sb-borg/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you're working on a craft project, DIY job or repair, you may occasionally need to glue leather to plastic. Since these are two very different surface and texture types, you'll need to use a contact adhesive, which is a type of glue that sticks to itself along with all surfaces it touches.

Use a versatile, heavy-duty glue that works well for both plastic and leather without causing damage to either surface.

Wipe both surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dust. Allow both surfaces to air dry.

Apply a small dollop of the contact adhesive to both surfaces, and rub with a plastic spoon, applicator or small spatula to spread a thin, even layer over both the plastic and the leather. Wipe the applicator tool off on the damp cloth.

Position the leather and plastic in place, and firmly press together the two surfaces.

Place a heavy object over the two to hold the strong adhesion. Let the two surfaces sit in place until dry, which typically takes up to four hours depending on the surface sizes that you glued together.