How to identify a nao figurine

Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro began making sculptures in 1953 in their home, and by 1958 had outgrown their small workshop due to popular demand of their items. They introduced new firing techniques and began using a one-layer firing process instead of the traditional three-layer process.

The one-layer process helped create the distinctive pastel tones and shiny exterior of Lladro figurines. Nao is the name of the United States branch of the Lladro Company. Identifying authentic Lladro items, including Nao figurines, requires a few steps.

Turn the figurine over and look for the Nao symbol: an ancient sailing vessel with three sails in red. Nao is a division of Lladro and has its own trademark.

Look for an alphanumeric code on the bottom of the figurine next to the Nao logo. This is referred to as the authenticity code.

Find an additional number under the authenticity code on Limited Edition pieces, which is the serial number.

Look up the authenticity code on the Lladro website at to verify the authenticity of the piece, as well as the serial number.

Nao figurines from the Pure Souls collection are signed on the bottom by the artist who made each piece.