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How to Make Your Bed Stop Squeaking

Squeaky beds can make for a terrible night's sleep, and not just for the people resting in the offending bed. Many people assume that there is nothing that can silence the infernal squeak of their bed and resign themselves to the noise, and sleepless nights. There are several reasons why a bed may be squeaking, from a faulty bolt to a broken spring. All of these causes of the squeak can be remedied to ensure that everyone in your home gets a good night's sleep tonight, including you.

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  1. Turn the mattress so that the side of the mattress that was originally at the foot of the bed is now at the head of the bed. Many times the squeaking is caused by the uneven wear of the mattress springs. Rotating the mattress will ensure that it wears evenly, which will reduce any squeaking.

  2. Check the bed's frame for any loose screws or fittings. This is a common occurrence in older frames, and if these loose fittings or screws are located, tighten them with the proper tool, which is generally a screwdriver.

  3. Place a piece of rigid material underneath a faulty bed spring, if this is the cause of a squeak. An unwanted hard cover book or piece of scrap plywood can be placed on top of the boxspring directly under the squeak to help silence the noise.

  4. Spray the joints and screws of a bed frame with petroleum lubricant, such as WD-40. The squeak may be caused by objects holding the frame together. A bar of soap or petroleum jelly can be used in place of the spray lubricant.

  5. Check to make sure that the mattress is centred on the bed. The squeaking may be the result of a portion of the mattress being unevenly placed on the boxspring or frame.

  6. Examine the floor boards underneath the bed. The cause of the squeak may be coming from uneven floor boards, not the bed itself.

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Unwanted hardcover book or scrap piece of wood
  • Petroleum lubricant
  • Bar of soap
  • Petroleum jelly

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