How to Compare Juice Plus to Mannatech

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Supplements for healthy diet are often called “miracles” because they are natural ways to perhaps improve your well-being. Juice Plus and Mannatech are two brands of dietary supplements. Both companies claim to produce a quality product that improves health through natural means. The products that are produced vary by company, but both companies claim that their product is good for health and provides necessary nutrition.

Compare the campaign slogans. Find out which products are being claimed as benefiting in which ways. For example, Juice Plus products claim to provide the necessary nutrients of two servings of fruits and vegetables. Both companies produce various products that have different uses. Comparing the two companies requires knowing where they claim similarities and where they differ.

Look at the nutrition facts on similar products produced by the companies. For example, compare the Mannatech nutrient supplements for fruits or vegetables to the Juice Plus supplements for fruits and vegetables. Look for calorie amounts, which vitamins and minerals are in the products and which vitamins and minerals are not in the products. It is also important to note the amount of vitamins and minerals in each product.

Read independent studies on the health benefits and effects for each company. Avoid company studies, which are often biased and look at studies performed by other companies or other sources. Studies performed by hospitals or research groups are the ideal studies to read.

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