How to Start a Henna Business

Henna is a tool used to make beautiful body art. Temporary tattoos of all shapes and sizes can be made from henna. This is especially popular with rebellious teens and preteens who find it impossible to get an actual tattoo. Know your customers, and go forward into creating this business.

Create a business plan. Most businesses that succeed have a clear business plan in place. You can do this on your own, or hire a lawyer to help with the details.

Pick your goals for the business. Your henna business should have a clear direction.

Choose a motto for your business. The goal and purpose of your business if often stated in your motto, but it doesn't have to be. A business motto can be anything you want.

Establish a web presence. While it was optional advertising once upon a time, a web presence is essential to even businesses that don't do business online. At a bare minimum, tell a bit about your business on the website. Include a way for a potential customer to contact you with questions.

Get together all the supplies necessary to start a henna business. Design your own sketches, or buy books of henna designs that you can master yourself. Make sure you are well-supplied to provide service to far more customers than you anticipate. The worst case scenario is to have more customers than you can supply with your henna art. You don't want to lose out on willing customers. Overstock if possible on non-perishable items. A folding table is also necessary for setting up shop as a traveling henna business.

Apply for any licenses or clearance from your city to open up a henna business alongside a boardwalk if you live near a beach. Open the henna business in a flea market or mall.

Open your henna business on a trial basis. Make sure to pick a well-trafficked area. Avoid committing to long-term contracts with your business dealings until you are sure your business is on the track to success.

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