How to Attach a Curtain Rod to Dry Wall

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Many curtain rods include the brackets and other hardware such as screws that are necessary for the rod's installation. While the included hardware may be sufficient for installation on wood, the hardware may be insufficient for installation on other, less sturdy types of surfaces, such as drywall. If you mount a curtain rod to drywall without the proper hardware, the weight of the curtains, or the regular movement of opening and closing the curtains may cause the brackets to pull out of the wall.

Buy molly bolts to use for mounting your curtain rod. Curtain rods generally come with mounting hardware, but don't always contain the additional anchors necessary for mounting the rod brackets to drywall.

Measure the curtains and the window to determine where you want to attach the curtain rod to the wall. When you determine where you want the curtain rod to be placed, hold one bracket up to the wall in the correct spot on the wall and, using a pencil, mark the screw holes for the bracket on the wall.

Take down the bracket and install the molly bolt anchors for the bracket into the wall. To install the molly bolt anchors, make starter holes with a drill bit just slightly smaller than the diameter of the molly bolt anchors. Place the molly bolts with the anchors halfway into the starter holes.

Change the drill bit to the screwdriver bit that matches the screw in the molly bolt. Screw the bolts into place to set the anchors in the wall. Once each anchor is all the way in, remove the screw from the anchor.

Line the screw holes of the bracket up with the anchors in the wall. Put the screws from the molly bolt system through the holes in the bracket and screw them into the anchors.

Place one end of the curtain rod into the bracket on the wall. Hold the other end of the curtain rod in the second bracket and hold it up against the wall. Place a magnetic level on top of the rod to make sure the rod is level, and mark the screw holes for the second bracket.

Install the molly bolts for the second bracket using the same method you used to install the first wall bracket. Place the curtain rod into the brackets. If you have extended the curtain rod to fit in the brackets, you may want to install the third bracket midway between the two end brackets for extra stability.

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