How to Make a Carport Into a Room

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If you have a carport but don't mind parking your car in the driveway, you can convert the space into a room to add more interior space to your house. Converting the carport is cheaper than adding onto your home because the framework is already in place. However, you must be prepared to fill in some exterior walls and install interior finish materials so the former carport will function as proper room.

Nail metal or wood studs in place to fill in the open walls of your carport. Some carports are open on three sides, while others are only open on one end. Space the studs evenly at 16 inches on centre. Bolt them into the existing concrete floor and roof structure of your carport.

Hang plywood panels on the outside of the new stud structure. They provide lateral bracing and wall you to nail your exterior cladding material in place.

Attach exterior cladding to the exterior of your infilled walls. Do your best to match the exterior of the rest of your home so the carport blends in as just another room. Use nails or screws to hang vinyl siding, and for masonry, you'll need a mortar and trowel.

Wire your carport and install outlets throughout the space. You may need a professional electrician for this. Ensure that you have enough outlets throughout the space, and don't overload your home's existing electrical system. Consider how you will use the space and where you plan to place furniture to anticipate the best locations for the outlets and switches.

Roll insulation into the wall cavities. Precut the insulation to fit between the studs. Batt insulation is the most common type, although you may use rigid foam boards.

Install gypsum board on the interior of your newly infilled walls. Screw each board in place, and cut out openings for outlets and wiring, as necessary.

Finish the flooring in the space. You may choose to acid stain your existing concrete slab, or for a warmer feel, add new flooring on top. Common choices include hardwood flooring, carpet or tiles. Complete your carport conversion by painting the walls and nailing base boards and other moulding pieces into place.

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