How to Remove Old Bathroom Taps

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An old bathroom tap can mar an otherwise nicely done bathroom. Luckily, it's easy enough to remove old bathroom taps so you can replace them with modern faucets. Once you disconnect the plumbing from the underside of the faucet, you can lift the unit up and out of the way. A tool called a basin wrench can help you navigate hard-to-reach places when removing your faucet.

Clean the area around the old bathroom tap. Cut away any caulk running around the base of the old tap with a utility knife. Try to insert the knife blade between the bottom of the tap and the top of the countertop as you work to cut away any putty or glue beneath the faucet.

Shut off the water supply valves for the faucet located underneath the sink. Look on the underside of the sink for two water hoses or pipes leading down to the shut-off valves on the wall or floor. Turn the handle on the end of the water supply valve to the right to cut the water.

Open the taps in the sink and allow any water inside to run out.

Loosen the coupling at the end of the supply hose or pipe on the underside of the faucet with a wrench or pliers.

Remove the retaining screws on the underside of the tap, above the coupling connection. Depending on the age of your bathroom taps, these may either be plastic or metal. Use a basin wrench to reach into tight spots.

Loosen the spring clip where the stopper rod underneath the sink meets the lift handle from the faucet, in sinks equipped with a stopper. Pull the lift handle up and out of the tap body.

Push the tap back and forth to loosen it from anything that might be sticking it to the countertop. Pull the old bathroom tap up and out of place.

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