How to Change a Blade on a Bosch 1581V Jig Saw

The Bosch 1581V jigsaw is a power tool that allows you to cut curves and other designs into substances and surfaces. Your Bosch 1581V's blade can deteriorate with consistent use, at which point you may need to change it. You may also need a blade that makes a different kind of cut. The jigsaw's kit comes with the long, flat head screwdriver necessary to release the existing blade and perform the change. Disconnect the Bosch 1581V from power and stand it upright on a flat surface to get started.

Insert the long, flat head screwdriver included in your Bosch 1581B jigsaw kit into the hole at the front end of the saw's top side. The blade holder screw is located inside this hole. Turn the screwdriver until it fits into the holder screw's head. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to remove the holder screw.

Carefully remove the blade from the socket. Gently slide the blade out of the hole.

Insert the replacement blade into the socket. Slide the replacement blade into the socket as far as possible.

Hold the replacement blade steady, and reinsert the holder screw into the hole from which you initially removed it. Insert the screwdriver into the hole, and align it with the holder screw's head. Turn the holder screw clockwise to fasten it into the hole.

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