How to Remove Sliding Glass Patio Doors

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Sliding glass patio doors are big, clumsy and very heavy. Removing them is not altogether difficult, but it will take some physical lifting to do the job. They use their own weight to allow them to glide effortlessly on their wheels over the tracks, and when working right, they are easy to manoeuvre. But when you want to thoroughly clean them, or even replace them with a different style or design, they will need to be lifted out of their tracks and removed.

Open the inner door by sliding it to the middle of its run.

Locate the screws at the bottom ends of the door. They will either be a Phillips-head or a flat-blade slotted head, and will be located near the bottom at each end.

Turn these screws in a counterclockwise direction. These screws are the wheel adjusters, and by turning them counterclockwise, you are raising the wheels up and off of the door tracks. Turn these screws all the way until they stop.

Grasp the edges of the inner patio door on both sides after the wheel-adjusting screws have been turned. Lift the door slightly upwards, then pull outwards and down towards you. The sliding patio door will come out in your hands, so brace yourself for the weight that you will be holding. Once in your hands, place the door on the side.

Locate the bracket-holding screw for the outer patio door. It will be on the exposed end of the door, and will be anchoring a locking or holding bracket that does not allow the outer door to be moved. Unscrew this screw and remove the metal holding bracket.

Lift the outer patio door up and away from the track it is sitting in. This is best done from outside the door. Again, it will be heavy, so be prepared for its weight as you lift it up and away, pulling it towards you to clear the track. Once cleared from its holding track, place it off to the side.

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