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How to CC a business letter to multiple parties

Updated February 21, 2017

CC is an acronym that stands for carbon copy. CC is used to provide a single document like a business letter to multiple recipients. CC, however, is also commonly associated with e-mail communication. Therefore, depending on your mode of communication, carbon copying a business letter may differ. That is, an e-mail business letter requires different action in order to CC the letter than a traditional print business letter.

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  1. Decide who the multiple recipients will be for the business letter.

  2. Maintain all content in the original letter. That is, don't change the salutation or anything else in the business letter even though you are sending it to multiple recipients.

  3. Add a formal CC line at the bottom of the letter. This comes after everything in the letter and is presented last. An example of a CC line looks like this:

  4. CC: John Smith, Jane Doe and Jack Jones

  5. Print multiple copies of the letter and send them to the original recipient and the carbon copied recipients. According to the Savvy Business website, you don't need to send a cover letter to the carbon copied recipients. Send only the letter itself.

  6. Enter the email address of the original recipient in the "To:" field of the email.

  7. Enter all other carbon copied recipients into the "CC:" field of the email. This is usually located under the "To:" box.

  8. Type the content of the business letter into the email content text box. Alternatively, you can attach the business letter as a file to the email. Don't change any content like the salutation in the letter.

  9. Include a statement at the end of the email about who you've carbon copied in the email. Although this is optional and not always included in e-mails, it is helpful for the carbon copied recipients to understand why they are receiving the letter.

  10. Send the email and the original and carbon copied recipients will receive the email.

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