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How to Make Metal Tube Windchimes

Wind chimes can be a delightful addition for your porch, backyard or other lawn areas. You can hang the wind chimes from a tree or a hook attached to your porch. The melodic sounds will tinkle with just a slight breeze. Wind chimes are a popular item for homeowners and to give as a gift for newlyweds or housewarming parties. Making homemade wind chimes with metal tubes is a creative way to make something useful to sell at flea markets or craft fairs, to give as gifts or to enjoy at home.

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  1. Drill one small hole in each of the four bottom corners of the fence post cap. This will allow you to tie the metal tubing pieces to it to create the wind chimes.

  2. Note that different lengths of tubing will make different sounds. Therefore, if you want mostly deep tones, cut the tubing into longer lengths. Shorter pieces will create higher pitched sounds.

  3. Cut your aluminium tubing with a saw into four different lengths. You may choose to cut the first one in a 20-inch length and shorten each of the others by one inch each time, or you can make them even shorter than that. Do not make two of the same size.

  4. Drill two holes, one on each side, of each aluminium tube.

  5. Thread fishing twine through the two holes in each tube and then through a hole in one of the four corners of the fence cap post. Tie a knot to secure each piece.

  6. Place the eye bolts into the middle of the fence post cap by screwing them in. One should be on the top of the fence post cap and one should be on the bottom. This will give you a hook to hang it on a tree. The bottom one will hold the clapper string.

  7. Drill a tiny hole in the middle of the 3-inch diameter piece of wood, plastic or metal. This will create the clapper. Keep in mind that harder materials create sharper sounds. Wood will create a softer sound.

  8. Thread a piece of fishing line onto the clapper and tie a knot to secure it. Leave enough string to tie it to the eye bolt beneath the fence cap post and to hang the weight from the bottom. Your goal is to put the clapper in the centre of the wind chimes so that it will hit the aluminium tubes about halfway in the middle when the wind blows.

  9. Hang the weight onto the end of the clapper line so that it extends an inch or two beneath the longest metal tube.

  10. Tip

    You can use a decorative piece of wood or metal to form the weight, but make sure it is not so heavy that it does not allow the clapper to move with gentle breezes.

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Things You'll Need

  • Decorative 4-by-4-inch fence post cap
  • Electric drill
  • Aluminium tubing
  • Power or hand saw
  • 2 small eye bolts
  • Fishing line
  • Piece of thin metal, plastic or wood, 3 inches in diameter
  • Piece of wood or metal to use as a weight

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