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How to Reset the Second Hand on a Chronograph Fossil Watch

Updated July 26, 2018

When you wear a Fossil brand watch with chronograph capabilities, you are set to measure activities down to the last second. Whether you are timing a race or measuring how long it takes to accomplish a task, you need to set the minute and second hands back to zero before you start again. A Fossil chronograph watch gives you access to a stopwatch built right into the accessory worn on your wrist.

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  1. Identify the push button that controls the second hand. With the watch face positioned so that 12 is at the top, locate the button on the right of the watch's rim and above the watch stem.

  2. Grasp the watch stem tightly and tug it out, away from the watch rim. Pull it past the first area of resistance, a position used for other settings, to the second stage of resistance where it will not pull out any further.

  3. Press the second hand push button, identified earlier, until it is firmly depressed into the watch rim. Release the button, allowing it to return to its normal position.

  4. Push the watch stem back to its original position tight to the rim.

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