Poster colour painting tutorial

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Create a vibrant painting using various colours of poster paint. This paint type is a good option for school art projects because it is affordable and simple to clean up since it is a water based. Novice painters can benefit from using poster paints, which they can either use straight from the bottle or dilute to create a wash. Decide what type of surface you want to use poster paint on, such as heavy-duty paper or a canvas board. When painting, some artists prefer to sketch out the design of the painting with their brush, but drawing an outline in pencil will make it easier for the beginner to concentrate on the actual painting.

Choose your subject

Select a photograph with vibrant colours that will be fun to paint. Consider painting a subject in your home such as a vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit or your pet. Venture outdoors to gain experience painting a landscape or a spectacular sunset.

Use art books as inspiration for finding items to paint if you are indecisive, but it is preferable not to copy a famous artist's painting. Only emulate another artist's work if your teacher has set this as a class art assignment.

Lightly sketch an outline for your painting. Don't worry about getting the preliminary drawing to look perfect since you will be covering it up with paint.

How to paint

Fill a jar full of water to rinse off your brushes every time you use different colours of paint. Rinse out the jar and refill it with fresh water when it becomes murky.

Use a palette for mixing the colours you will be using. Consider using paper plates if you don't want to rinse your palette after each use.

Quickly apply the poster paint because, unlike oil paint, this medium dries within a few hours. Consider hanging your painting on the wall once it is completed or give it to a friend.

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