How to Decorate Melamine Plates

drawing with crayons image by Renata Osinska from

Melamine plate decorating kits, found in hobby shops and toy stores, make interesting, personalised, functional art. Kits come with markers and paper (some, preprinted like a colouring book) to draw your design on, and an envelope to send your design for transfer to a melamine plate.

After a few weeks, the plate, imprinted with your original design, is mailed to you. Although this kit is typically marketed as a child's craft, there is great potential for grown-up fun. You don't have to use the predrawn pages provided. In fact, any image, including photos, may be transferred to the plate. Use your imagination to make yourself or a loved one a one-of-a-kind art piece.

Open the melamine plate decorating kit and organise contents. Decide if you want to use the colouring pages provided or create your own artwork.

Colour your favourite colouring page, using markers provided, or use your own pens, coloured pencils, crayons, or paint.

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Draw and colour or paint your own design if you don't wish to use provided colouring pages. Arrange a collage of multiple images and add captions if you'd rather not draw or paint. Your finished artwork will be scanned for transfer onto the melamine plate. As long as the image is 2-dimensional (no sequins, jewels, etc.), any design will do. Just create your artwork on the same size paper as the colouring pages.

Fill out the form included in the kit with your name, address, etc., as indicated. Some companies that offer picture transfer to melamine dishware allow you to choose and buy your personalised bowls, platters, cups, and serving trays. Place the form and your artwork in the envelope provided, along with a check, money order, or credit card information for shipping charges. Seal and mail the envelope. Typical turnaround time for production and receipt of the finished plate is 4 to 6 weeks.