How to Make Orgone Pyramids

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Orgone, a composite of metal shavings, crystals and resin, is based on research by Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Austrian scientist Karl Hans Welz took it a step further; he invented orgone and coined the term orgonite in the late 1980s. Orgonite supposedly gives off energy waves that can have either positive or negative effects on the people and atmosphere surrounding it. Psychic expert Don Croft perfected the use of positive energy orgonite some years after Welz developed it. Shapes moulded from this composite reportedly give off waves of energy, and a pyramid is one of the most popular shapes. Energy emanates from the tip, powered by crystals and metal shapes inside.

Spray the inside of your pyramid candle mould with cooking oil and use a paper towel to wipe away the excess and spread it out evenly. Place it upside down in the square metal box that comes with the pyramid for this purpose. Craft stores often sell these moulds.

Put on your rubber or surgical gloves and pour enough resin powder into a plastic container to fill your pyramid. For instance, if your pyramid holds 284gr of wax, you should mix 284gr of resin. Add the liquid activator from the kit and stir carefully with a wooden paint stick.

Stand a small quartz crystal upright inside your pyramid's point and sprinkle some aluminium shavings on top. The shavings should come level with the middle of the crystal.

Pour enough resin over the crystal and aluminium shavings to just cover the shavings, poking the resin gently with a bamboo skewer to make sure the resin gets into all the cracks.

Allow the resin to set slightly while you bend copper wiring into a spiral. Make the spiral flat or into a long tube. Make sure the wiring doesn't extend beyond the edge of your mould. Set the spiral on top of the setting resin and lay four quartz points around it.

Pour in more resin until the copper spiral is completely covered. Sprinkle enough aluminium shavings on top of the resin to fill your mould and pour resin over the shavings. Set the mould in the sun for about 8 hours until the resin cures. Turn the pyramid over to release it from the mould.

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