How to Get Rid of Winged Termites

Winged termites are also called swarmers. They reproduce and fly to new locations to start a new colony. Winged termites lay eggs after they mate and shed their wings. Termites can infest a home or building feeding on the wood inside the walls, ceiling, and floors.

If you see winged termites flying around, you probably have an infestation and will need to get rid of the termites before they do further damage.

Look for signs of winged termites. Look near window sills and by baseboards for shed wings. You may also see some flying around. If you happen to see winged termites, hit them down and step on them. They will die instantly. You can also vacuum them up. However, if you are seeing winged termites you will need to locate the other termites to prevent further damage.

Locate the termites in the walls, floors or ceiling. Search for the termites near where you had seen winged termites. Notice any wood shavings at baseboard or pin holes in the walls where termites may have chewed their way through. Tap on walls, floors and ceilings for a hollow sound. Check outside the home or building for cracks or small openings in the foundation or walls.

Treat the area infested by termites. Begin by spraying termiticide around the foundation of the home or building. Spray inside the home where you find holes or cracks in walls. You can use an alternative method with bait systems. Place the baits in the soil around the foundation of the home or building, separating each bait system at least 1 foot apart. Winged termites form colonies in the soil. Check every two to three days to empty the baits of dead termites.

Fix the damaged areas caused by the termites. Replace any damaged wood. Close up the areas that the termites were able to enter your home or building through, preventing future termites from entering.