How to Paint Vinyl Blinds

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Vinyl blinds are simple, inexpensive and attractive ways to cover your windows. These window blinds commonly come in white or eggshell. If you want to add a little extra colour to your room, you can paint your existing blinds a different colour. It's a simple project that you can complete in just a few hours with the right tools.

Remove the vinyl blinds from your window carefully. Lay it down on a large piece of plastic tarp or layers of newspaper. It's best to complete this project outdoors or in your garage to avoid accidentally adding paint to your carpet or floor.

Spray a rag with an ammonia-based cleanser, which is ideal for preparing plastic surfaces Wipe down the blinds with the rag to remove all dust and dirt---the surface of the vinyl blinds must be completely clear of dirt if you want a smooth and attractive result.

Spray the vinyl blinds with your white spray paint first---it will act as a primer or base coat. Some products dry in just a few minutes---try to find one that's specifically meant for plastic surfaces (see "Resources" for an example). Start from the top and spray the blinds from side to side slowly to assure that you saturate the surface completely.

Flip the blinds over carefully and spray the other side once the top dries. This is an optional step---you can simply paint the front part that faces into the room if you want.

Coat the blinds with the glossy-finish spray paint in the colour of your choice using the same method as described for the base coat. Add an additional coat if you'd like after waiting one or two hours. Allow each side to dry of the vinyl blinds to dry for at least six to eight hours before hanging it back in the window.

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